Outside the Spectrum: The Colors Get Political

Political issues are complicated enough in real life, but how would the colors of Magic feel about some of the more hot-button issues facing us today?


Outside the Spectrum: Game of Thrones

I am one of the many millions of people who are completely obsessed with the HBO series Game of Thrones. The characters, settings, direction, and writing are simply top-notch, and the fact that there is regular nudity certainly doesn’t hurt. However, I am always a Color Pie Purist at heart, so when presented with these engaging characters in their unique situations, I of course have to ask myself were they’d fit in the color pie. Without further ado, I present the color pie affiliations for all the major characters in Game of Thrones, Season One.

Beyond Izzet: Examining The Red/Blue Archetype

Izzet is but a subsection of the entire space that is the U/R philosophy. I’ve always felt that there is a singular trope that truly defines what it means to be both red and blue, combining blue’s search for knowledge and information with red’s desire for freedom and enjoyment. This trope is the Comedian.